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Bankruptcy Trustee Experts

Bankruptcy Law is the Trade Law’s branch which sets the norms and legal procedures for bankruptcy regulation.

Throughout our journey, the services we offer for corporate restructuring or creditors arragements, have been based on business analysis in diagnosing corrective measures or preventing problems. Respect, transparency and sensitivity to our clients have been the key ingredients for each of our customer cases’ success.

Our added value relies on our empathy, the ability to put ourselves in our clients’ place, which enables us to become real businessmen and professionals in Bankruptcy Law.
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Bankruptcy Law Areas

Since our beginnings, the principles that guide our performance have remained the same. We keep believing in them. Down below, we present our Trustee Bankruptcy Expert services:
Administration (Creditors Arrangements)

As a legal concept, administration is a procedure under the insolvency laws of a number of common law jurisdictions, aimed to solve the liquidity problems of individuals or legal entities that can not pay the generality of their debts at maturity.

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Involuntary bankruptcy

If a company is not paying debts as they come due but has assets out of which creditors might get paid, an involuntary bankruptcy is the legal proceeding might allow creditors to get paid.

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Voluntary Insolvency Process

Voluntary Insolvency is the term given to the legal process that allows a company with debt problems or that is insolvent to reach a company voluntary agreement with its business creditors regarding repayment of all.

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Economic solvency

At Bankruptcy Trustees’ Experts, we are aware of the need for specialization and customization of our services in order to satisfy each sector.

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Bankruptcy Law

The regulation has been modified by the Royal Decree Law 3/2009, for the adoption of urgent measures in light of the current economic situation.

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Second Chance Programme

Failure to meet future payments will determine the existence of an imminent insolvency, while if defaults have already begun in a generalized way, we will talk about a current insolvency.

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